How to request for time off at new job?

Requesting for a time off is the most difficult part of corporate life, and it is even more difficult if it is a new job.

Firstly, if you are in a new company(recently joined) it is a bad idea to go for a vacation or asking for time off because the first three months of any new job is the most important period which can be considered as the probationary period, which means that you have to prove your worth in the first three months itself.

Now coming to the point, if you want to request for time off, you have to make sure that all your works in the job are up to date & perfect. It is mandatorily important that you have to inform regarding the vacation at least one month prior which helps your boss to organize the things in your absence while requesting time off make sure that you are requesting your boss rather than just informing, this gesture helps your boss to have a better impression on you, and also offer your boss that you will complete all the pending works in your absence after the vacation.

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